June 21, 2010

At the store today, we tried to plan the trip.  It mostly went well.  I’m more the John Locke (man of faith) to B’s Jack Shepard (disgruntled son of a doctor) when it comes to this trip.  Love you girl.

Drank one of those javanilla shakes.  It was the best.  It had ice cream and skim milk.  Then, an old lady (wearing sunglasses, purple jumper) ruined a nice old man’s will  to live.

‘Stay the hell away from my stuff,’ she said.

He wasn’t near her stuff. ‘Sorry. I didn’t know if it belonged to you.’

‘You don’t know anything.  I remember everything.’


He was reading a book.  She couldn’t even look at him.  She was number three of today’s wild ones.  Number one was criminally insane man who screamed out, ‘Just what time does the GODDAMN TRAIN GODDAMN’ when I was out for a walk earlier.  He was carrying a leather bag and I thought, ‘He might kill me.’

Back to Borders.  We kept looking at websites and books.  Fatigued.  Then I walked downstairs, tried to memorize last couple paragraphs of Gatsby.

Don’t tell me what I can’t do.  -sg


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