Making Moves

June 22, 2010

Looked at a lot of different programs over the past few months.  Homegirl’s been on the research tip for a while.  Has like 85 Microsoft Word Documents with labels like ‘ItinerarySubSectionGQuadFZone’ and ‘PotentialBarcelonianLanguageAcademies.’  Right now, we’re leaning towards a TEFL program ( that looks like it will sponsor a student visa.  Cost us 2000 Euro bucks and a couple sticks of butter.


We get a visa and it’s like bye-bye birdie up in Europe.  One weekend OctoberFest.  The next weekend Prague.  The next weekend Prague: The Sequel.  The next weekend up in Iceland making videos with Sigur Ros and appreciating just how warm global warming warms.  Flash forward to the following Wednesday: Dublin, Ireland.  Visiting Great-Grandma’s grave in ol’ country, singing limericks and drinking Guin’.

Couples that stay together blog together. -sg


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