July 1, 2010

Everything is starting to fall into place. In the last week we have 1. gotten accepted into the Tefl program, 2. paid 300 euro deposit each, 3. submitted our fingerprints for a background check, 4. gotten physicals and signed letters from the MDs saying we are fit to travel, 5. made arrangements for living accommodations for our first month of abroad living, 6. and submitted resignation to job (me, sean did this awhile ago).  The things we don’t know include- 1. whether or not we will qualify for a full year visa versus 6 months (new rule says you need an FBI background check, not local… FBI check takes 12 weeks which we don’t have), 2. which travel insurance company to choose, 3. exactly what date to move to spain, 4. where we will live after the course, 5. where we will teach english, 6. when sean will take a flamenco dance class, 7. if we will buy a mobile device in the states for spain, or 8. if we will buy an ipad. ~b


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