visa submission

July 15, 2010

one more month until we leave chicago. three more weeks until my last day of work. yikes! last friday we had a meeting at the spanish consulate. it was an appointment but the office was practically empty. it looked like we could have just walked in a week earlier.

back to the friday- i got to the office before sean and started to submit my paperwork. i ended up having the incorrect background check (had one from a private company, needed one from the police station). sean didn’t have any background check because his hadn’t arrived in the mail. the guy helping me was very nice and lived in the fifth largest city in Spain (Seragovia? something like that). the guy took my application even though it wasn’t complete… despite the fact that the website says they would absolutely not do that. then sean arrived, he went through the process and we were done at 12:05. We decided to go directly to the police station. took a 10 dollar cab and ended up at the wrong police station. hopped in another cab for 15 dollars and was helped by the loveliest woman who said she was making roasted turkey and sweet potatoes for dinner. she told us she was glad we weren’t getting married abroad. after 30 minutes we started walking towards home, jumped on a bus, and made it back to the consulate office at 1:55 (5 minutes before it closed!). we submitted the forms and were good to go.

the visa application takes between 6-8 weeks to process… we are planning to move from chicago in 5 weeks. im crossing my fingers that the 6-8 time frame is an exaggeration.

thanks for reading (sophie)


3 Responses to “visa submission”

  1. Sophie said

    Not a problem… keep up the good work

  2. emily said

    I’m reading too! And living vicariously through you!

  3. Bethany said

    You guys are awesome… can’t wait until we are actually across the sea!

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