don’t cry for me Rush-i-tina

July 22, 2010

12 more days of work
7 more pediatric videoswallow studies
5 more days supervising my student
2 more voice evaluations
2 more paychecks…

we have lists for everything. List for the furniture/household items we need to get rid of. List for the items we want to keep. List for things coming to Spain. I’ve started throwing things out, things that I have debating about throwing out for at least three years. So much stuff that I don’t use but am comforted by having in storage just-in-case, like pomade (which I never use) and discontinued gap perfume from 1996 (“Om”, this didn’t make the throw out list once again. I have two bottles. One unopened). I brought sonia some food coloring because it was brand new. She declined it. Emily p. accepted it but left it in my office. Anyone want an alarm clock? Door hooks? Hot curlers? bl


2 Responses to “don’t cry for me Rush-i-tina”

  1. Daniel Fetter said

    I could use a good hot curler… and a door hook to hang it on. Are these items life-size or miniature?

  2. Constance said

    Here’s a list of things to bring to Spain that you might not think of:

    peanut butter cups (only found in a store called The American Store and expensive)

    root beer (not found)


    a plug switcher thing (take mine- you plug American plugs into it, and it plugs into the Spanish plugs)

    don’t pack your hair dryer or flat iron B, if you use one, just buy it there- American ones blow out in the sockets

    my cell phone- your new phone number is
    +34 693 47 20 43

    There’s probably more. As in a “Food Not Found in Spain That You Might Miss” list. Like bagels. And roasted red peppers.

    There is a list coming to you two, once you get back to RI, in what we’ll call a Madrid Prep Kit that I’m making for you, of things to do once you’re there…..

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