biting my nails

July 31, 2010

my latest anxiety revolves around what to do with our large furniture items… evidently, because we live in a highrise on michigan ave, we cannot leave the couches/mattress on the curb and hope a) a scavenger will pick them up, or b) the garbage truck will collect them. Plus! our building only lets us have furniture in the elevator if we reserve it and pay a 300 dollar fee in case of damage (which we get back if there are no damages). the dates for reserving the elevator are slim. hum… maybe i should put the items on craigslist. the mattress has my body impression in it. who wants that? yuck! the couch is terrible as well, tears, faded fabric.

on a happier note- work is winding down. i have had a handful of sad farewells already. next week i have a happy hour going away night at a bar with work folks. once im in RI i can finally meet my new nephew! here is a picture of him. he is so beautiful! b


One Response to “biting my nails”

  1. emily said

    what a cutie!!
    i wish i was going to be in ri with you!
    good luck with all the final stuff!

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