August 3, 2010

After a week worth of binge eating the three c’s (chips, cheese, chocolate) sean and I decided to detox. We committed to a 24 hour period where would we eat only raw vegetables, fruit, nuts, herbal tea, and water. To start the day off we went to trader joes to purchase supplies. We stayed in our apartment for the whole day, with the exception of an evening walk. Sean dreamed aloud about vegetarian buffalo chicken wings but I was the one truly suffering. I was a prisoner of a psychological war and I really wanted mashed potatoes.  We went to bed early to reduce the chance of breaking. When I awoke in the morning I was weak, listless, and starved. I got into work and ate a mozzarella cheese stick, a luna bar, and a cup of tea, followed by 5 mini reese peanut butter cups and caramel hersey kisses, followed by pasta for lunch and baked cheetos, followed by vegetables with cheese spread and a brownie. Not sure if the detox was a good idea.

Besides the detox, we have made some progress with our plans. We have furniture items on craigslist and have the elevator reserved for next Monday. We should be able to get rid of the dining room table, rug, and end table for sure. The only other time we could reserve the elevator for is August 16th so it looks like we aren’t moving to RI on the 14th afterall. -b


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