farewell RUMC

August 9, 2010

my last week of work was a whirlwind of patient care, easy flowing tears, and good-byes. monday-wednesday were too busy to be sad. on thursday morning i woke up with a heavy heart that followed me throughout the next two days. i use to be 90% happy to leave for an adventure and 10% sad to leave RUMC/Chicago; on Thursday and Friday i was stuck thinking and living in that 10%. the hardest part was realizing i was saying farewell to people i will never see again. for the ones i do see again, it won’t be the same.  you develop a special ease and comfort when you work together day after day. relationships form that are effortless. there is no coordinating schedules to fit each other in. on the last two days i walked around seeing the faces i would miss. there are some people i didn’t get a chance to say good-bye to; that makes me especially sad now as i write this- like the lovely woman who brings the meal trays from the kitchen whose name is Bethany. i’ll miss our routine “Hi Bethany”, “Hi Bethany” (giggle giggle). good-bye RUMC. you definitely made the last three years memorable.


2 Responses to “farewell RUMC”

  1. Rebecca said

    this blog is fabulous. i may become one of your number one fans. you know, i said hi to the other bethany just the other day as i was leaving work. i said, “i think i remember your name is bethany.” she giggled… 🙂

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