Today was a Good Day

August 9, 2010

Started the process of moving on out today.  There was lots to think about:

  • Coordinating elevator schedule and times for people to come
  • Trying not to break the elevator with a giant blue couch
  • Suppressing sentiment for friends/places we’ll fondly remember
  • Getting a Potbelly in when I was supposed to be cleaning

Readers, we’ll save you the suspense.  All worked out.  We may have broken an elevator lamp, but we covered it with some duct tape. You’ll never find us, apartment administrators and condo owners.  And if you do:

We had a line up. 1st, a nice lady named Rachel but spelled otherwise picked up most of the large furniture items. 2nd, Emily P came rolling in for the rug and tried for an end table; table wouldn’t fit. Then our homegirl Megan and Trav showed up with a dolly and a can-do attitude. Took them seconds to load the dolly up with a geometric precision I couldn’t quite comprehend.  They made the chairs do things chairs shouldn’t:  elaborate polygonal designs, 30-60-90 triangles, etc.   We said goodbye and watched them wheel the furniture through several dense downtown blocks.  An amazing feat, and a brazen one.  A couple that wheels furniture down busy streets together stays together. Respect.

So far, so good.  Right now it’s deserted in our apartment.  I’m getting used to it.  It makes an 1100 square foot place seem three times as big.  We could raise a family here.  Kid number one could sit on a math textbook and kid number two could sleep on the counter (‘encimera’ in spanish, we just learned).

Until tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Today was a Good Day”

  1. we did NOT break the light and duck tape it-b

  2. Sam said

    I’m sure u did -XS

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