star gazing and cheese curds

August 11, 2010

best weekend ever. after my last day at RUMC we went to door county (sturgeon bay) with eric and kristin; sean and I are still trying to figure out how we managed to be so lucky as to get an invite twice! we pulled up to eric’s cabin at around 10, went to the beach, and star gazed. we saw planets, shooting stars, and a UFO. well, maybe not the last one. the next day we went into town to Renards. i ate tons of free cheese samples and bought some for the road. sean and eric watched the video on how cheese curds are made (while kristin and i tapped our toes). cheese curds are amazing little things. kristin says you know they are fresh when they squeak. these curds were definitely squeaky. back at the cabin eric took us out on the catamaran. he was doing most of the work, although kristen was pretty handy. i got soaked and we almost couldn’t turn the boat back to shore. it was great! i must have spent 5 hours in the water between saturday and sunday. lake michigan is the best of both worlds- it has waves like the ocean but is not salt water. we bobbed on tubes over the waves forever. no seaweed… no sharks… maybe a snake or two (one showed eric its fangs). we look forward to our return to door county next summer for the big wedding- b

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3 Responses to “star gazing and cheese curds”

  1. Great story about the curd. The catamaran must have been a blast. Wonderful slide show Look forward to you arriving back east soon.


  2. Kristin said

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time in Spain! Thanks again for coming with us to the cottage in Door County. It was a beautiful weekend! Don’t forget, someday when you come back to visit with your kids we will have to spend a weekend at the cottage!

  3. Sign us up Kristin. Hello to our boy E. Hoping the Big Event is coming along smooth.

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