“this is a good place for a murder”- john lucas

August 14, 2010

yesterday we finished packing, cleaned our apartment, and loaded all we own into a cat-pee-smelling 10 ft budget truck. we made one last stop at argo tea and got our favorite drink- the teapachino. sean drove out of the city because i was afraid i would knock off a car’s side mirror, like i did the last time i drove a moving truck through chicago’s congested streets. it was 1:55 pm when we passed museum campus. sean said “it doesn’t seem like we are leaving for good”.

an hour outside the city, the rented GPS stopped working. sean called the rental office to complain and request a refund ($60). we bought a map and decided to navigate the old fashion way (as a side note- on the second day we discovered that the GPS actually did work but we had it plugged into the wrong outlet, we didn’t pursue the refund after all). sean and i drove in 4-5 hour chunks and stopped for the night when we reached pennsylvania, due to rain and windshield wiper issues. we followed a sign for a campground at a state park. the grounds were vacant; there was not a single tent, person, or car. we slept in the locked truck (front seats) because of the spooky factor and not knowing how to find our tent without a flashlight. the campground made me think of something my dad said when he helped me move to chicago 5 years ago. looking down the alley at 1130 pm, while old electrical wires weaved overhead, he said “now this is a good place for a murder”.

at 5:45 am we awoke and drove away from the site as fast as our truck could take us; neither of us were well rested but we were motivated to keep moving. the rest of the ride was relatively uneventful. we pulled into sean’s parents driveway at 3:00 pm. the total trip was around 17 hours. we were a bit worn, but quite pleased to be home.- b


One Response to ““this is a good place for a murder”- john lucas”

  1. Sam said

    I’m not surprised that uncle J said that -XS

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