Little Compton, RI

August 15, 2010

today we drove to little compton RI, the sweetest beach town in the US. we went to the beach after circling the farms and quaint shops. sean went for a short run along the shoreline and i stretched out on the sand. i didn’t think i needed sunblock but i remembered how kristin’s teacher told her “any change in skin color means sun damage”. i took off my engagement and wedding rings and placed them on my lap while i applied sunblock. sean returned and we talked about swimming in the water. he asked me to put sunblock on his back so i stood up to do it. after that, i went towards the water but backtracked because i had forgotten to take off my earrings. after placing them in my bag, i went into the water. i went to about my waist and reached to touch my ring finger (as i routinely do). i realized my rings weren’t there and, like lightening, understood what i had done. i ran back to my place on the sand and frantically started searching. i was far from systematic and grabbed chunk after chunk of sand. i couldn’t think clearly. i finally got sean’s attention (he was still swimming in the ocean). he approached me and i told him i lost my rings, although my speech was likely unintelligible through my tears. a group of four teenage girls started helping us look. their friends, a group of 6 boys, also helped (the girls told them to help or get away). a few adults joined. a mother and a 5 year old boy did as well. i sobbed while combing my fingers through the sand. i was a mess. i couldn’t even talk to the people who were so gracious and generous with their time. after a half hour, a girl-Savannah- found the wedding band. an additional hour later a forty year old woman-lisa- screamed “i found it!!!” holding up the engagement ring like the golden ticket in charlie and the chocolate factory. it took my brain a few moments to process but i ran to her, grabbed the ring, and hugged her for a very long time. the group of helpers dispersed quickly to swim. i am ever so grateful for their willingness to help a blubbering, tear streaked, talking to herself (“saint anthony, saint anthony please look around… there is something that is lost that must be found”) stranger. -b


2 Responses to “Little Compton, RI”

  1. ruchie said

    DID WE NOT LEARN FROM TRAVIS?!? sheesh, people!!!!!

  2. Sam said

    B, you got lucky -XS

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