family time

August 18, 2010

We have been back in RI for close to a week and have had quite a bit of family, pool, and beach time. I have especially enjoyed being with my darling new nephew, Collin. He is so precious and is always moving his arms and legs. I think he would look like he was dancing if you put “all the single ladies” on in the background while he moved. 

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In a few hours we are renting a car and driving to Maine to visit my dearest Courtney and to go on a canoe trip. We will be back in RI late Saturday night.  I wish we could have s’mores, our favorite camping snack, but Jeri told me marshmallows are made of pork so they are out. I do sometimes eat soup that I presume has a meat base and just don’t ask… maybe marshmallows can be a similar experience. Once we get to Spain we will probably have to give up vegetarianism and eat ham at the ham museums… who knows. -b


2 Responses to “family time”

  1. mary said

    Hi Bethany! love, cousin Mary

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