Looking Forward to…

August 22, 2010

A top-ten list to honor my boy DL.

1.  Visiting the ham museum:

2.  Teaching English as a foreign language.  Need to brush up on participles, gerunds, and the pluperfect.  Also avoiding slang.  Instead of ‘I’m finna dip,’ must teach ‘I’m leaving soon.’

3.  Seeing Granada.  I read in a book that it was a cool place.

4.  Becoming incredibly annoying.  I already hate myself for telling someone in the future how much I loved Granada’s charm.  ‘It was life-changing.  You have to go there…’  If I do that, show absolutely no mercy.  Slap me on the jaw.

5.  Running with the bulls.  Just kidding.  Conan tweeted that this was immoral.

6.  Watching movies that take place in Madrid and recognizing places.  Have done this countless times with ‘The Fugitive’ (Chicago) and the barely watched Showtime drama ‘Brothers,’ which takes place in Providence.

7.  Drinking sangria and nodding my head to Spanish I don’t understand with my new countrymen.

8.  The Barcelonian lisp: ‘Como es-th-as?’

9.  Guernica at the Reina Sofia.

10.  Learning how to say ‘I’m finna dip’ in Spanish.


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