the portage

August 24, 2010

Our trip to Maine was a dream. We arrived in Portland on Wednesday and I finally got to meet Hinkley, the wonder dog. We stayed at Courtney’s house the first night and had a lobster feast. Four lobsters cost only $23! I needed another lesson on how to crack the lobbies open and what parts not to eat. Courtney was a brave soul because she ate some of the green stuff. Hinkley realized early on that I was the weakest link of the group; he stole several licks of butter from my plate. After dinner Courtney drove us around downtown Maine since we might want to settle there after Spain. Courtney called the tour the “big sell”.

On Thursday morning we drove North or West or Northwest; I can’t quite recall… but I do know our destination was Moose River. In the afternoon, we loaded our canoes and hit the water. I hadn’t been on a canoe trip since the Saco River about 8 years ago and I sort of forgot how to paddle. Courtney and Tyler were consistently 60 feet ahead of us; whenever we reached them they were patient and offered tips on how we could perfect our technique. We paddled for 9 miles and had to empty our boats and carry the contents for 1/2 a mile at the portage to reach our camp. There were two other groups of people at the portage with us. Late into the night we could hear one group singing “God Bless America”.  Courtney was the chef during the trip, and she was pretty stinking good. She whipped up delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sean actually lost 5 pounds due Courtney’s healthy cooking (and the boating exercise I suppose). When Sean and I went on a camping last year we ate soup, cold out of a can; Court’s food was a big improvement.

On the second day we went back to the start of the portage and carried the boats to our camp. We reloaded the boats and paddled for 11 miles. The first 5 were quick and easy but the wind picked up afterwards and made us travel in a zig zag pattern. We went over a few baby rapids and landed at a wonderful private campsite in the early evening. After dinner we went on a walk in the woods and saw a moose and a beaver. Back at the camp, Tyler climbed a tree to put our food out of critter reach but he got his foot stuck in it so had to take off his shoe. We had a restful night’s sleep and awoke early to beat the wind. For the last day of the trip we had less than 4 miles to go, and most of them were on a lake. The lake was placid and lovely to paddle on. We reached the shore before 8:30 am, where our vehicle was waiting for us.

We are so grateful to Courtney and Tyler for planning an amazing trip. It would not have been possible without Tyler’s expertise and Courtney’s wilderness homemaking skills. -b 

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3 Responses to “the portage”

  1. pictures were a donated by the lovely Court Thims

  2. Sam said

    AWESOME pictures!

  3. Bethany said

    Thanks Sam- Can’t wait to see you next week.

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