Nerves (wait… did sean use this title already?)

August 26, 2010

Exactly one more week until we leave for Spain… I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. I have not done Rosetta Stone since arriving in RI. I also have not done the grammar lessons that ttmadrid sent us to do before starting the course. I have however done quite a bit of shopping. Clothes, toiletries, suitcases galore. I have a semi-packed suitcase sitting on the bed I have been sleeping on and long lists in my head.

Besides anxiety related to the impending unknown, this RI interlude has been relaxing. I have woken up late every day and have spent much-needed time with my family (great to see you Sam and Caleb!). It surprises me how easy I get use to not working. Pretty much immediately. Sean has been visiting his brothers in NYC and will be home today. He will be happy to know I have purchased a sterling silver band for our travels; the rings are staying behind. -b


3 Responses to “Nerves (wait… did sean use this title already?)”

  1. Sam said

    Hi Bethany, My whole family is packing for our trip to Plymouth. We are leaving this afternoon.

  2. Sam said

    Hi Bethany, on my first day at Plymouth we ate dinner
    at, Sam Diego’s!!!!!!!! My favorite restaurant there. Also its a Mexican restaurant.

    Now for today I’m going to decorate Scott Nastro’s room. He’s my long term enemy here because he’s a Yankees fan so I decorate his room every year with different Red Sox items. Maybe I will put a Red Sox tattoo on Scott’s forehead like last year I tattooed his arm with a Red Sox tattoo.

    Can’t wait to see his face! -XS

  3. Sam said

    Scott’s reaction was better than last years???????? He said it was better than last years.

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