and the band goes on

September 2, 2010

Today is the day. I am sitting at the airport contemplating buying a 17 dollar neck pillow. Will I regret it on the 7 hour flight? I think not. Maybe I should buy the 20 dollar fleece blanket while I’m at it. Sean and I made it through the security check quickly and have three hours before we board… I always like to be extra early. Maybe too early for Sean’s liking. At least the airport has free wifi and starbuck’s vivannos. My dad kindly drove us to the airport and gave us John Lucas type advice (“just don’t worry”, “you’re gonna feel like an immigrant”, “You can leave early if you don’t like it”). I choked back a few tears while saying good-bye. It seems like I’ve been crying since my last two weeks in Chicago.

The last few days in RI were a whirlwind. I had more than enough frozen lemonade and awful awfuls; I got to cuddle my nephew Collin and run with my nephew Miles; and I got to rough-house with my pug, who has lost some of his vigor due to old age. Despite all of that, I’m left feeling like it wasn’t enough.  I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to see; I didn’t get to spend as much time with the ones I did. We ended Our RI visit last night with a dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Geraghty at Twin Oaks. I had a headache before we went out and accidentally took two extra strength Advil PMs, washed down with a glass of Reisling. I was far from good company and am surprised my face didn’t end up in the mashed potatoes.

This morning it was rush rush. Buy a few more pants. Buy a new camera after all. Talk to my Mom. Try to talk to Sonia. Go to Lasalle bakery one last time. One more trip for a pizza strip at Dave’s. We have our skype account up and running. Find us at “Seanandbacrossthesea”. By the next time I blog we will be in espana! -b


4 Responses to “and the band goes on”

  1. Derek & Sarath said

    Did you regret not buying the pillow and blanket?… We think so.

  2. Sam said

    Great way to close out your blog of RI ‘for now’ b. By the way Sean I have found out some stuff about fantasy basketball leagues, their is 3 type some private ‘invite only’ and some are public the rules and options vary. -XS

  3. Sam and Auntie Jo said

    My mom just came in and read it and she could hear herself saying the same thing that uncle J said. It’s Auntie Jo now– I couldn’t stop laughing! Glad to hear you’re okay— I thought you weren’t going to buy any more clothes?

    Buenas Noches

  4. Bethany said

    We actually bought two neck pillows and a blanket. Definitely worth the splurge!

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