Spain at last

September 4, 2010

We arrived and are settling in. It is wonderful.  I love the winding streets and the balconied buildings. Our neighborhood is lively; flower venders set up stations outside our door and people, all ages, are out in the street at midnight. Our apartment is teeny tiny but in a renovated historic building so everything is clean. We have floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook an inner courtyard.  This makes it very quiet but also so dark we cannot tell if it is day or night. We awoke at 2pm today and went to the supermarket. We bought staples and tried to find food we recognized. The pasta sauce sort of tasted like Spaghetti-Os. We might need to learn how to make our own. A baguette and a bottle of wine costs less than 3 euros so at least we won’t starve.

We walked around Madrid for over three hours, checking out different neighborhoods and parks. There is a pond in parque del retiro where people rent rowboats, like in that new movie with Philip Seymour Hoffman. Everything we see and hear is Spanis-Spanish-Spanish and I want it to quickly sink into my brain. We consult the Spanish dictionary when we overhear part of a conversation or read a billboard. When the heat is on to communicate, my words get stuck in my mouth and I somehow revert back to pronouncing H’s. We are quite happy. -bl


One Response to “Spain at last”

  1. Sonia said

    I’m so glad you went to el retiro–one of my favorite spots in Madrid! So excited for you both!!!!!!

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