jetlag has a hold on me

September 5, 2010

Tomorrow morning we have to wake up at 8 am. Doesn’t seem too hard you think… think again. Last night I couldn’t fall asleep until 6am and Sean didn’t fall asleep until after 8. At 6 am I almost called Emily G because I couldn’t stop thinking about the story we read in middle school that took place in Boston, about a guy who was a silversmith and deformed his hand, and couldn’t marry his sweetheart, set around the american revolution???. I thought his name was Johnny Tremain but I needed her to settle it. Luckily Sean was awake as well, and looking for something to take his mind away from going insane for not sleeping. He wikipediaed it and I was correct. Old Johnny Tremain. I wonder why that stayed in my brain all of these years. We just woke up at 2 pm and now we are in for it! How will we ever be tired tonight at a decent hour (since a decent hour means falling back asleep in 8 hours)? How will we wake up tomorrow morning and be active participants at our class? -bl


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