September 7, 2010

Liquified chocolate in a mug.  Let that sit in your brain.  The inventiveness of it.  The simplicity.

The genius.

They bring it out to you.  It’s not hot chocolate, it’s more like   You’re supposed to dip churros- kind of like doughboys- into them, but B just drank it.  I envied her toughness at that moment.  Just great poise.

Taste-wise?  It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, or anyone in my family, ever.

It’s been good fun here so far, especially trying to understand the language. I can’t figure out if I’m learning Spanish or just repeating things like ‘Disculpe, senor…’ and ‘Estoy enamorado con churros.’  Have developed an unconditional love for cognates.  ‘Farmacia’ is really a gimme, learning-wise.

spain is stacked with pharmacies

One strange anecdote.  We were walking to the supermercado today, trying to find some pasta sauce that wasn’t Spaghetti-O in nature.  On the way, we noted a young mom with her, oh I don’t know, 4 year old daughter.   Mom was helping her daughter so that she could pee on the street.  Like, pulling down her pants so that Little Sally could squat and urinate on the wildly populated road.

Not quite ready to chalk this up to “cultural differences.”  Maybe mom was just progressive.  B and I could be learning some new child-rearing techniques.


6 Responses to “Churros”

  1. Mom said

    Had to use the Spanish dictionary twice during this message. This is good. You could be my own personal Rosetta Stone.
    Tienen una gran semana. Amor Mamá

  2. Hermano Fetter said

    Mi madre escribe eso? No se. Sabe usted que el hermano que es esto? Nunca te lo dire. Sean, es tu escritura es graciso. B, beber chocolate es una locura. Mejor pelicula de Nick Nolte fue Blue Chips. My way o la carretera. Espero alguein traduce lo escribo. Adios

  3. JJ said

    This made me smile…
    Maybe the women of Spain are trying to teach their daughters about equality by peeing in the streets? Maybe tomorrow you will see young Sally’s brother 🙂

  4. Good looking out by Sue G.

    Fetter- Excellent usage of ‘My way or la carretera’ and the criminally underrated ‘Blue Chips.’ Nolte was- of course- sensational in every way. He’s second only to S. Van Gundy in press conference excellence.

    Jessie J! I never thought of it through the prism of equality. Makes total sense. I thought mom was trying to blur the rural-urban divide. Either way, she’s a genius.

  5. Sonia said

    I was just watching ‘Spain…On the Road Again’ with Gwenyth Paltrow & Mario Batali. During this episode they stopped at a cafe for churros con chocolate….and I was so jealous of you two at that very moment! I remember searching far & wide before having my first churros con chocolate experience…because I was told at the time, that in some cafes…it’s only seasonal! I cannot believe that B drank straight from the mug….actually I can…strong work! 🙂

    Regarding the whole peeing-on-street episode….wait til India! haha! I do remember from my time in Madrid that really late at night/early in the a.m…..there would be a group of guys that would wash/clean the street every night….maybe this Mom knew they were scheduled to show up sooner or later so there was no harm tossing in a little added moisture to the mix? haha. I like the equality idea. 🙂

  6. Constance said

    Streets are a free-for-all anytime of the day or night for kids who have to go in Spain….adults too if you’re brave enough (I may or may not have had a favorite bush to pee behind in Retiro…).

    And here’s a good one: in Spain, to say, you’re going to flip out- vas a flipar. Doesn’t work anywhere but Spain to my knowledge. The families of my students certainly didn’t know it.
    Also, spaghetti is espagueti (ok, I don’t know how to spell it in Spanish, but it sounds like eeeeespaghetti).

    Glad Meson de la Guitarra turned out okay. Now find El Alebrije de Madrid, owned by my friend Ana and her husband Gus, have margaritas, and give her giant besos from me. And find Como me lo Como and go eat their menu del dia that is actually at night for dinner. Frickin’ delicious.

    Also, go to the Temple de Deblod off of Plaza Espana at sunset and drink some wine there-

    Go to the stone circle thing with the lions out on the pond in Retiro on a Sunday around 5pm for some kick ass African drumming. It was kind of cancelled for a while but if the immigration police have left it alone for a bit, lots of people will be there again.

    Take the bus and get elbowed to the back by some over-zealous Spanish old ladies….

    Go to Calle Espiritu Santo and find J&Js, the used English bookstore….
    And have a clara con limon for me. I’d love one right now…


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