la noche en blanco- tonight?

September 11, 2010

Being jetlagged has its benefits. I require much less sleep and I can stay up to 3-4 am every night. This is a major difference compared to my old life- since I use to get heavy eyelids at 9 pm. In another week or so I will likely adjust and resume my early evenings but why not take advantage of it for now. Spain is famous for staying out to all hours (5 or 6 in the morning). Last night we went out at 12- that’s right, left the apartment at 12. I opened the apartment building door, feeling pretty proud of myself, and the first thing I saw walking through the square was a mother, father, and five year old boy!!! What the what? This little five year old put me to shame. He didn’t look sleepy; he wasn’t resting his head on his dad’s shoulder, clutching his beebop blanket. He was walking between them, holding their hands. He might as well have been whistling “it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood”.

We walked into a bar that sort of resembled a lord of the rings dungeon. We tried to go to Meson de la guitarra (per connie’s recommendation); we accidentally ended up in Meson de la cava (which was lovely nonetheless). We didn’t notice that every place on the street started off with “Meson”. The place was dead at 12:15 but there was a keyboard set up and a older gentleman started to play for us. Then… in walks a group of five 60 year olds. Then a group of three 50 year old ladies. Holy moly.

After a drink we ended up finding the correct place. There was standing room only and a group of street performers were playing mandolins (guitars/eukalali ?’s). The bar patrons sang along to the songs, which I’m guessing were Spanish anthems. We didn’t quite last until 5; I was tucked into bed by 3. We will try again tonight though because it is “la noche en blanco” which means the city doesn’t go to sleep. There are many things happening, like music in closed-down streets, but we are going to hit up a museum or two because they are opened all night. Imagine gazing at Guernica at 5 am. Well maybe more like 2 because we are talking about me and all. -bl


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