September 12, 2010

We had some infestation issues at my old apartment in NYC.  They were mostly harmless little pests.  I’d wake up Sunday morning- reggae blasting from the outside – with papa roach creeping up my closet door.  I’d usher him out and he’d do his bidding someplace else.

But man, good rapport doesn’t excuse bad behavior.  Occasionally they’d feel my wrath, like when they would feast on some bbq chips in the kitchen.  I once blasted this red-looking one with a size 12 Timberland.  ‘Don’t come at the king,’ I whispered.

the real king

Out here we have this mouse situation.  He’s small, even by mouse standards.  He travels from under the washer to under the sink.  Mice used to (still kind of do) terrify me.  We told people back home we had one and they were like, ‘Don’t sleep with your mouth open.’  I told B, ‘We need a pistol.’

But he’s growing on us.  We’ve gone from devising possible traps (sticky bra, cheese taped to a knife) to appreciating his company.  He’s a modest little thing.  If he senses your presence, most times he’ll scurry away.  Although when we put ‘Breaking Bad’ on, he pretty much cozies up with a blanket.

He’s getting fat though, eating our crumbs all the time. And when we got back from a late-night stroll, I swear he had a party while we were gone.

So yeah, part of me still wants him out, but no longer by brutal massacre.


6 Responses to “Mouse”

  1. courtney said

    Sean, I heard a little piece of Tyler in your initial reaction! Glad you are facing your fears head on. At least it’s not a Kangaroo mouse.

  2. Courtey Girl- You guys both influenced us. I still think Tyler should be on Man vs. Wild and you’re B’s hero in the kitchen.

  3. Anonymous said

    Sean I love it… a mouse man now….

  4. Constance said

    Watch out now. Might be el ratoncito perez, the Spanish version of the tooth fairy. You lose a tooth, and that little guy swoops right in and collects it….

  5. Ivan said

    Hey guys,
    Sounds like you’ve been wooed by El Raton. Be careful senor, El Raton is seductive. Just when you feel how bad can a Spanish mouse be, he strikes!

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