dan and sophie on skype

September 23, 2010

Tonight we declared war on the mouse. I saw him slither under the apartment door and take his place near the washing machine. A few minutes later I opened the cupboard and he hopped out of the trash can! The mouse looks like he has let himself go since the last time I saw him. He is almost as big as a stick of butter. I guess the trash can has worked out for him. Tomorrow we are setting up the mouse trap and putting some peanut butter on it to lure him in. I hope Sean finds him dead before I do.

Besides the mouse situation, the apartment search has been a challenge. We have to leave our current place by Oct 3rd and aren’t exactly sure which neighborhood we want to move to. Our efforts to find a place has been humiliating. Imagine calling a number to ask if an apartment is still for rent- You have a few key sentences on your computer screen from google translator in order to communicate the points you think will be important. unfortunately a conversation is a two way street and it requires you to understand the answers to your questions. You find that you have lost control and a bead of sweat collects on your forehead. Your priority shifts and all you want is to get off the phone as soon as possible. You hang up not knowing if you made an appointment to view the place or if you promised your first born child. Yikes.

Our TEFL program at Ttmadrid is winding down. We have one more week but quite a bit of work before it ends. The experience has been challenging, fulfilling, and exciting. The students who are learning English are the best; they are so patient with us. I wonder if they ever get together after class and talk about the newbies (“hey, did you see Bethany’s hands shaking? did you see when she dropped all of the papers on the floor?”) I have taught 5 out of 6 of my classes and Sean did his 4th tonight. When the program is done we will have to get jobs to sustain our posh living (studio the size of a closet + mouse roommate pitching in).


One Response to “dan and sophie on skype”

  1. courtney said

    For some reason I am very interested in this roommate of yours. I hope the trap works out. If he’s as big as wonder dog it won’t. This week the Hinck successfully let the trap snap without a flinch of a whisker and proceeded to lick the PB off the trap at an astonishingly slow speed.

    I wish you luck on the apartment search. I am nervous for you thinking about those calls. Can’t you get one of your students to do it as an exercise?

    I’ll keep posted to learn whether I will need my thermarest AND tent to keep any mice from crossing my head in the night in your new digs.

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