almost home

September 27, 2010

We almost have our dream apartment. We saw a beautiful one bedroom on Sunday that is on the top floor of a building (4th floor, all buildings in madrid are rather short). It has a lovely floor to ceiling window with a balcony. The best part is that we found it just by walking around the neighborhood; this means we don’t have to spend 900 euro for a commission fee! The apartment building is actually 15 meters from the hotel Sean and I stayed at when we visited Madrid 3 years ago… spooky.

A few hurdles before we secure the place- we have to prove we have jobs and do this thing called an “aval” which means putting three months rent locked away in a bank for the property owner to receive if we ditch town or destroy the place. Luckily, we opened Spanish bank accounts this morning. Sean is interviewing for a job tomorrow at an academy and I was offered at least 6 hours of work teaching adults (only 14 more hours to go to make my desired 20 hour work week- life is tough). 4 more days of the course and then we graduate. things are shaping up. -b


3 Responses to “almost home”

  1. Sam said

    Nice info. Stick in there. -XS

  2. Gramma said

    Sorry to hear abouy the apartment loss

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