We got it!

October 2, 2010

We just signed the contract to our Madrid apartment! The contract was in Spanish so who knows what we committed to. Sean testing into a pre-intermediate Spanish class so I am sure he understood most of it… right? The apartment is even better than the one we lost. It has two balconies overlooking a gorgeous street. The apartment is across from a congress building, there is a fountain down the street, and a church beyond. You can hear the bells toll. We have a real oven and a full size fridge (a rarity around here… many apts have just the stove top and a college dorm-room size fridge). We also have a delightful doorman names Marcel who is from Brazil and lets us practice our spanish with him.

We need to pack up our studio and move today and tomorrow. Luckily our belongings fit in 3 suitcases. We won’t have the internet in the new place for a bit either but at least the electricity is already on.

Everything is coming together. We graduated from our TEFL course at Ttmadrid. It was a phenomenal program and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to live abroad for a year. Sean was the top student! We even have a bit of work starting on Monday (I am teaching a few classes to business people during their lunch breaks monday-thursday; and then general english class for 3 hours on Tuesday and Thursday). I need to buy a few more business-y outfits and more comfortable high heals.

More exciting things to come, including picture of our new place when the internet is on. -bl


3 Responses to “We got it!”

  1. courtney said

    way to go! looking forward to seeing the new digs! congrats on the work. how is the shopping in madrid for business casual?

  2. Sarath said

    Wow, congrats– esp. for Sean being the top student. Were you second? lol

    Can’t wait to see pics… and yay for the oven!

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