The Long Goodbye

October 4, 2010

Schedule’s filling up for work. Strange and piecemeal (B’s word, love it). Four hours with this place, eight with that one, two with that one. Going into companies and teaching older folks how to pronounce the regular past tense verbs. (Common Spanish mistake is pronouncing jumped as jump-ed rather than jumpt).

Or showing film clips to advanced students and debating with them, careful to correct those subtle fossilized errors (bacation, instead of vacation).   For one of my classes, I was thinking of showing ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors.’  They have such an appreciation for Woody Allen here. There’s even a statue of him somewhere in Spain.

Having limited internet access and realizing, slowly, that I need the internet for like 9 hours a day. Like an addict when I do get access. Gah gmail nytimes huffpost twitter dy/dan imdb!  I froth at the mouth and try to inject the WIFI into my bloodstream.

Favorite part of Spanish life, in a landslide, so far: how people end conversations. At the bank the other day, our homegirl Pilar said this before hanging up: ‘Vale, venga, hasta luego, hablaremos, adios.’ Granted, this took 1.0023 seconds, but I love how they cherish it.


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  1. Momma said

    wow it sounds great,,,

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