the good life

October 9, 2010

This week we starting working like Sean mentioned. I teach a bigwig of a company (boss of 3000 people) but he is really nice. I was a bit nervous before meeting him. I even wore a suit. My work schedule is not much to complain about- Monday and Wednesday from 1:30-3 pm ONLY; Tuesday and Thursday from 7:45-10:15, 2:30-4, and 6-9 pm; Friday, Saturday, Sunday no work! this is indeed the good life. there is actually a national holiday on Tuesday so, of course, the companies are also shut down on Monday. Guess we will have a two day work week next week.

We started our Spanish classes and I tested into the beginner level (what’s up with that? I’m on Rosetta Stone level 3! I know the conditional tense for “I want” for heaven’s sake!). Sean tested into the pre-intermediate. Things somehow got a bit topsy turvy on the first day and Sean was directed into the beginner room and I to the Pre-I. I sat in class, catching 25% of the words. I thought “wow, they really push the beginners”. A woman from our ttmadrid program (Mim) was supposed to be in my class, but wasn’t there. This made me suspicious. After an hour we had a break and I checked the room schedule and saw that I was in the wrong class. The teacher of the class I was in said she thought I was getting it enough to stay in the class but I opted to downgrade to beginner. I’d rather not be in the same class as Seany boy. His Spanish would put mine to shame.

It is a rainy day and we are at a cafe, again. They are probably getting sick of us here but we buy our cafe con leche and log onto the net. Sean’s computer battery is pathetic so he has to set up his plug stretching across the doorway from the cafe to the bathrooms. It is pretty much a death trap for the older clientele. In America people would threaten to sue; but not in Spain. They believe  you should use common sense. If you fall into a ditch on a road it’s your fault for not looking where you are going.

I was going to upload picture of our new place but I brought the wrong plug. Soon we will have internet in our apartment but we are at a standstill since the internet company answers the phone is Spanish. Sean calls and ends up hanging up. I have been dropping hints to our friends with better Spanish skills but there have been no bites yet. -bl


4 Responses to “the good life”

  1. Sam said

    Sounds pretty rough.

  2. steffi lafleur said

    hi…glad you’re having a great time…we are all at my mom’s and it was brought up that you pushed ryan out of a moving car as a young child….any truth to that???

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