October 25, 2010

The blog entries have slowed down… obviously. Our lack of internet continues to be the problem but life continues. We visited the historic town of Toledo a few weekends ago on a long weekend. It was a really special place. Work has been shaping up pretty well too. I have 20 hours a week and Sean has that as well, more or less. We have many interesting students and we had a bar get-together with some of them on Friday night (as a morale booster for the academy we work for). My students who were there were all adults in the intermediate class. They talked with me for awhile and I appreciated the effort because I am sure it wasn’t easy to try to understand in a bar environment. I am planning a halloween lesson for Thursday- not sure if I will use the Adam’s Family theme song or a part of the peanuts halloween special… Both are awesome in my opinion!

Yesterday we went to our friends James’ house in the suburbs. It was nice to see the outskirts of the city. His house is huge, with a swimming pool, tennis courts, and basketball hoop. I beat Sean in a game of ping pong but let him win during a one-on-one basketball match. James has three dogs and I wanted to take one of them home with me, Tinky. I don’t think dogs are allowed in my building but he really would jazz up the place… after a bath (the dogs pretty much live outdoors). James’ family use to have a few goats as pets too. They gave them to a farm last year. I wish I hadn’t missed them.

Courtney is visiting on Friday! We’re heading to Granada one weekend and Barcelona the next.  Excited, excited, excited.  -b


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