Granada- the afterthoughts

November 13, 2010

Granada is a magical place. We stayed at a hotel on the top of a steep hill- only two minutes away from the Alhambra. Courtney, Sean, and I stayed in one hotel and our friends Mim, James, and Rebecca stayed at an apartment. We were lucky because the Alhambra was sold out but our hotel had exclusive tickets. It would have been devastating to miss the palace since it is such an important part of the town.

The houses and city streets were windy and climbed the cliffs. Court and I got lost once weaving and bobbing between small streets without finding a major road for 20 minutes. It didn’t help that we got caught in the rain. We stood in a doorway and ate corn-nuts until the rain let up. I don’t know how any cars fit on those streets. It’s a good thing they are super small.

We went to a flamenco show in the gypsy area. The room looked like a cave and we practically sat with the band. I put tissue in my ears because flamenco is all pound-pound with the heals. I find it emotional. There was a picture of Michelle Obama on the wall, I guess she was a fan too. After the show, the tour bus brought us to an area that they promised would give us a sensational view of the Alhambra. I was a bit worried because they had us walking single file between houses on the tight/narrow streets I mentioned. I felt a bit like the humans from the twilight saga who were guided by the volturi thinking they were going to see a tourist attraction but really walking toward their death. Luckily, that wasn’t the case. The guide brought us to a breathtaking cliff overlooking the palace. It was windy but certainly worth it.

Court and I did a bit of shopping the next day in the moroccan area. We bought a few mini items… okay, well I bought a few and Courtney had to move on to other stores because I was taking too long to decide on which miniature clay pot I should buy.¬†Overall the trip was great. Granada is indeed a special place

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One Response to “Granada- the afterthoughts”

  1. Sam said

    Great pics, and Sean had a AWESOME jump!!!!!!!!!!!

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