Barcelona and thieves

November 14, 2010

Court and I went to Barcelona last weekend- the lovely city by the sea. Barcelona is peppered with Goudi’s artwork- from parque guell, to La Sagrada Familia, to Casa Batllo. We stumbled on Casa Batllo quite incidentally while walking down a street. I couldn’t remember all of the details from my last trip but I think the house has something to do with a dragon being slain by Saint George (patron saint of catalan)… I could be mistaken but the roof does kinda resemble scales. 

Everyone warns of thieves in Barcelona and we were privy to a scene of scenes on a bus to parque guell. The bus was jam-packed! a group of 8 men boarded the bus ahead of us. It appeared like they were on a binge from the night before. They smelled of booze and cigarettes. I think they were Swedish and they had matching black shirts on with kelly green ties. At some point the men offended an 80 year old woman. She was screaming at them in Spanish and they were screaming back. The other passengers were smiling so there was something Court and I were missing due to the language barrier. The woman got off the bus after 5 minutes and a commotion broke out.  I saw that one of the men had followed the woman and was holding onto his wallet which was tightly grasped in her hand. The woman had swiped it out of his pocket on her way off the bus! I couldn’t believe my eyes -b

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One Response to “Barcelona and thieves”

  1. Sam said

    Old lady- robber- there is a first time for everything.

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