November 15, 2010

Speaking Spanish hurts my brain. There is the pre-speaking task (dialogue practice in my mind); the face-to-face speaking task; and the post wrap-up speaking task, where I analysis what I said and what I could have, should have, would have said (if I wasn’t the equivalent of a one year old Spanish child). On Friday I went to pick up some croissants at the local panaderia. I practiced the request during the five minute walk. I went to the counter and asked “dame un croissant para llevar, por favor”. I thought I saw the guy smirk and I started to doubt my accuracy. I started thinking “oh man! I should have said llegar instead of llevar”. I was mortified. I got home, gave Sean the stupid croissant, and found out it was llevar after all. -b


3 Responses to “llevar-schma…var”

  1. Mike Jr. said

    This really made me laugh. And yes, croissants are stupid.

  2. Robin said

    The darn verbs get me every time! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Robin! Great to see your message! Hope all is well, thinking of you.

    Mike- Sean says, ‘Welcome to Dark Place Liz…’

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