Yo, Robot

November 15, 2010

One of the great things about living in Spain (and having remedial Spanish skills) is constant exposure to how movie titles are translated.  There are small departures- The Fugitive is just El Fugitivo- and rather big ones.  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, for instance, is Olvidate de mi!  Not a bad title, but it doesn’t make you work for it like the American one.  

Inception was renamed ‘Origen,’ which when translated literally, has several different meanings.  I still long for that movie to be as good as it promised.  Just be better, Inception.  You were definitely labryinthe, which in retrospect was a distraction from the lack of emotional intensity.  Although that scene when Joe Gordon Levitt in the hotel room was fly.  Maybe I should watch Origen, and everything will make sense.

What is the What by hipster hero Dave Eggers, translates into Que es el Que?  Great book by the way.  Lots of tragedy and stories that make you feel fortunate that you can write silly blog posts.  Que es el Que, after all?

Pan’s Labryinth translates into El Laberinto del Fauno, and is a remarkable film.   If you’re nostalgic for a woebegone, monster-infested childhood, this is for you.  Literal and figural monsters, or as its known back home, the UNITED STATES SENATE.

Regarding television, House doesn’t translate into ‘Casa,’ or even ‘Doctor Casa,’ maybe the biggest dissapointment so far.  Sex in the City translates into ‘Sexo en Nueva York.’  I asked one of my advanced students why.  She explained that Americans know the ‘city’ refers to New York, while Spaniards would think that it applied to any city, like say, ‘Carecas.’  This made everyone fall over with laughter.   I laughed too, to be a part of the crowd, but I didn’t really get the joke. I felt Lost:

The Brothers K, essential reading for anyone who likes banter, existential crises, alcohol or courtroom drama, is about what you’d expect:

As for the title of this post:


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