’tis the season

November 28, 2010

We took a walk around Sol tonight to enjoy the christmas decorations. Somehow we ended up at the Churreria (again) and I drank the dipping chocolate (also again). On the way home, we bought a little christmas tree at a type of store that people call “the chinese” but I call “the convenience store” since it seems a bit racist. The christmas tree cost 4 euro and the lights cost 3. Unfortunately the lights don’t really work but we have time to replace them since we aren’t even in December yet. This is the first year Sean and I have had a tree (if you don’t count the three inch tree we had in Chicago). -b  

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One Response to “’tis the season”

  1. Kristin said

    Alas, I finally have internet at my place (yes, it’s been since July when I was in Spain ironically, I think around the time I saw you guys last) and took the time today to relax and catch up a bit on your blog. Love it. You crack me up. That’s a funny phrase that you should ensure your students learn 😉 Hope you had a fabulous Turkey Day minus the turkey (insert Lansagna)!

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