Two dogs

November 28, 2010

Last night we had a gathering with the students from one of the academies we work for (Yes! Academy). Yes! is run by Daniela, one of the loveliest people we have met in Madrid. The students and teachers gathered in Sol and Daniela directed a tour in English about the history of the area.  Daniela told us a super sad story called “Paco the dog”. Paco was a stray dog who became a bit of a celebrity in Madrid. He was welcomed into restaurants and special events. He was written about often in newspapers. People would speak of his approaching arrival like he was Prince Felipe “Paco is on his way!!!”. One day Paco was welcomed into a bull fighting arena and he started to bark. The Matador was angered by Paco’s disturbance and he stabbed him with his sword. The people of Madrid were outraged and wanted the Matador to be lynched. In the end, the high officials decided to pardon the Matador, to the dismay of many. Poor Paco.

On a happier note… We have the best new neighbor. She is a puppy pug named Atila. I almost cry whenever I see her because she is so darling. She gets really excited around new people and starts acting crazy. I think she understands English because she always comes to me when I call her (the doggy treat might help too). Sean is not quite as enchanted as me but he agrees that she is cute. -b


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