Action, Thanks

November 29, 2010

The best part about Thanksgiving was the jarred cranberry sauce.  I used to dream of that stuff.  When adolescence came, I would secretly eat it out of the jar, much like my dad did with breyer’s mint chocolate chip, and later, all natural peanut butter.

Dad, Ma

Thanksgiving’s called Dia de Accion de Gracias out here.   Got together with a few folk on Friday after a long working day Thursday.  It was international.  Some Irish, American, Spanish, and our dear friend Mim, an Austrailian.

We had veggie lasagna, which was probably the best meal I’ve ever had.  I ate an entire bag of potato chips.  Charades in the living room, and some talk of the subjunctive in the kitchen.  A weary Built to Spill soundtrack weaved with some Pavement to set the mood, compliments of Alfred, a photographer and should-be indie rock journalist.

Everyone left a bit deep into the night in typical Spanish fashion.  House was cleaned and we fell to sleep quick, content.

unrelated: men drinking beer and feeding pigeons in lisboa

Nostalgic for Thanksgivings past, at my Aunt Kib and Tom’s, with the carrots and gravy. Ivan and Sarah’s, who put together and incredible meal, sensitive to our burdensome vegetarianism.  Also nostalgic for my good friends Jim and Ryan back home, who wisely renamed Thanksgiving ‘Spanksgiving’ when we were young.

Also grateful for the Celts and especially the hard-working Kevin Garnett, who seems to be making more athletic plays than ever in this, his 15th NBA season.  I used to try to teach like KG played, with an intensity completely inappropriate for pre-algebra.  KG was nicknamed The Kid early in his career.  Inspiring how hard he’s playing now, certainly a kid no more.


2 Responses to “Action, Thanks”

  1. Sam said

    Nice Thanksgiving, and KG this year=AMAZING!!!!!!! He still has it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I haven’t seen too much of him live Sammy, but those numbers and highlights look good. Helps to have Shaq, weirdly. Clears out some space for Kevin, I’m sure. Talk soon good man!

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