A little chicago in madrid

December 5, 2010

We have another puente (literally a bridge; figuratively an extra long weekend). No work on Monday or Wednesday and only a portion of our usual schedule on Tuesday. That means we have a 1.5 day work week. The Spanish lifestyle is easy to get use to. We went to dinner last night with my friend George from Chicago (radiologist at Rush). Our dinner reservation was at 10:00 pm and we were nervous that we were going to be late. The restaurant was hidden on a residential street and you had to knock on a huge door to be let in. It was a super secret place that Spanish royalty has eaten at, not to mention Penelope Cruz. Sean and I were the first of our group of 13 to arrive. In Spain, it is entirely common and socially acceptable to be late. Students arrive 30-45 minutes late to class; friends arrive an hour late for drinks. It is just the way. During my Spanish class on Fridays we have a 15 minute break which we extend to 30 minutes at a cafe across the street from the school. At 3pm we drink a small beer or cafe con leche and nibble on free tapas.

At dinner, Sean and I were the only ones not from Venezuela. George’s friends and family members were so kind and generous. Sean looked intense as he tried to comprehend Venezuelan Spanish; I looked around and just smiled. The food was amazing!  My favorite part of the meal, besides the endless bottles of wine, was the dessert. We were given miniature bowls of liquid chocolate with equally small croissants. Very cute and very delicious. My darling SLPs, Sonia and Megan, gave George a package for me with reminders from my old life (altoid minis, an Us Weekly, combos, food thickener, a copy of the picnic scene from the western aphasia battery, and tongue depressors). After dinner we went out dancing and made it home a bit after 5 am. Not uncommon for a Madrileno, but quite uncommon for us. Overall a very special evening. -b


2 Responses to “A little chicago in madrid”

  1. Dear Mr & Mrs Marco Polo….We are not sure if this is the way to offer comments on your blog but chances must be taken…For this reason we will be brief hopingxb this is the method to b used….Let us know if you receive this.If not young Sammy will instruct us (Escuse typing errors) We send our love and we will be in touch once we find out how.

  2. Hi Grandma and Daddy-Jack!
    you did it correctly. The message was received. I miss you both and think of you often. I am so excited for the new addition to our family and cannot wait to meet her someday. You can leave comments on here like you did or email me directly. My email address is lucas.bethany@gmail.com. I would like to send you a personal email as well. Send me your address. I love you both and miss you! Bethany

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