Speak, Man

December 6, 2010

Trying this new thing where we talk to each other in Spanish every night for at least five-ten minutes. Last night was the pilot. Rave reviews from those who were around to hear it…

‘Magnificent…Really like how they relied on ‘me gusta…’

‘I was in tears when they used the phrase ‘tengo que’ with two different infinitives.’

Some were not so impressed:

‘Maybe they didn’t get the memo: the present tense is not the only tense.’

‘Lots of awkward 15 second pauses…’


3 Responses to “Speak, Man”

  1. Tricia said

    HILARIOUS! Lee and I haven’t tried it, but what a great idea. Did you make a pact not to correct each other? 🙂

  2. Sean said

    Tricia it’s hard, because even if we did correct each other, it’s not exactly helpful. Our pronunciation isn’t great and our accents are worse, so it’s definitely…a process. Day by day, though, right? The one advantage is that we watch dubbed cartoons in Spanish like He-Man. It’s challenging to understand, but you know, it’s He-man. So kind of fun.

    Was pumped to read that your kids are speaking French now. I bet your French is better than you’re letting on- and Lee’s too. Have to plan a trip once the weather heats up.

  3. mike jr. said

    Bienvenido a Darkplace, Liz.

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