Intercambios and the lottery

December 23, 2010

I have a new language exchange partner named Inmaculada (Inma for short). We meet two times a week to chat in both English and Spanish. Her English is far better than my Spanish but she is eternally patient. I make the same mistakes each time we meet but she doesn’t seem to mind. When we talk, I try to use every word I know in the same sentence. I’m sure I sound nuts. She asked me once, “does it sounds strange when I speak in English like how you sound speaking Spanish?”. I’m guessing I sound worse.

Yesterday we met at a cafe and the Christmas lottery was being announced for over two hours. This particular lotto is no joking matter. There have been lines trailing into the streets for the last few weeks from the stores. The top prize is usually only 300,000 but it is traditional and every Spanish person I’ve talked to participates. There are children who are trained for an entire year to learn how to announce each number. They announce in a strange monotonous sing-song voice. Here is a link to demonstrate-

Deadly right?

Tomorrow we are off to Rome for Christmas. We got our Spanish student card this morning so we now have documentation to prove that we can be here until September. Without it, we probably would get deported at the airport. I’m not sure what the internet situation we be like when we are away so Merry Christmas! Happy holidays! -b


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