A day in Rome

December 25, 2010

Day one in Rome has not disappointed. The city is glorious with it’s narrow cobble stone streets and ancient ruins around every corner. We walked for five hours last night and stood in line at the Vatican to get into midnight mass before we realized the quest was futile. The line had at least 5 thousand people in it that circled around the large inner courtyard. I overhead a boy in front of us say “even with tickets we probably won’t get it”. I turned to Sean “tickets???”. so we left to continue our city walk.

We looked for the Colosseum for about an hour because the windy streets kept setting us off course. At one point, I looked up and saw it directly to my side. It was marvelous, albeit a bit smaller than I had thought it would be. I presumed tv and movies had manipulated the image to make it appear larger than it was. Among the dilapidated arches, I noticed a room that was lit up by a chandelier… hum…. maybe this wasn’t the colosseum afterall (it ended up being a different ancient site, oops!). When we found the REAL colosseum it was fantastic! Huge, beautiful, and without a dining room scene.

We are staying in an apartment which is far superior to a hotel room. We have all of the comforts of home without being in our home.  We miss our families because we aren’t in RI for the first Christmas of our lives but Rome is a decent replacement. The apartment owner gave us a bottle of champagne, a small Christmas tree, and a bag full of Italian chocolates. We ate the Chocolates in the first hour. Today we are going to relax and try to find a nice restaurant for a pseudo Christmas dinner. I’m counting on the Jewish quarter to be opened. -b


One Response to “A day in Rome”

  1. mikejr said

    Missed you two today. As did everyone. Christmas in Rome – is there a better place to be? Miles had a blast with his absurd amount of gifts. Bicycles, trains, action figures, books, puzzles, Legos, a wooden frog from Tim, a fish from Brian. His favorite gift, never once leaving the grasp of his tiny hands – a $2 rubber octopus I threw in his stocking.

    B… the Colosseum with the chandelier story killed me.

    Peace. -mg

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