New Year’s with 12 grapes

January 2, 2011

On New Years we participated in a very important Spanish tradition involving grapes. We went to Puerta del Sol with thousands of people wearing goofy wigs. When the clock changed to 12 a gold ball dropped about 5 feet above the tower and a bell rang 12 times. For each ring, you had to eat one grape. I was nervous that I would choke so I bought the grapes in a can (gross, I know… but they were seedless and skinless). Everyone had a little baggy of grapes and vendors sold extras in case you needed a snack. It was funny watching everyone frozen with a grape positioned near his or her open mouth, waiting for the right moment. Unfortunately it was more of a challenge to hear the ringing of the bell than I had expected. In the end, I shoved about 7 grapes in my mouth at once. It made New Year’s kisses comical. -b


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