Ruin, Italy

January 2, 2011

When we arrived, a man told us that, ‘Rome isn’t just ruins and buildings falling apart.’  He was right, as Rome also had:

  1. An absurd amount of Roman Holiday and La Dolce Vita posters
  2. A dirty river
  3. St. Peter’s Basilica.  My mom would like the this Church, it had spectacular nativity scenes and lots of room for contemplative roaming, a Sue G. staple
  4. One night I had this pasta with this sauce that was so salty and good and it made me reconnect with the Almighty.  It was like Tilda Swinton in I am Love
  5. The Sistine Chapel was intricate.  It was painted by Renaissance man and celebrated Half-Shell Michelangelo.   There was a man screaming, ‘NO PHOTOS.’ I broke his law, but not God’s, by taking a few
  6. Ruins were excellent.  So much so that they infused themselves into my brain.  Everything began to get ruined.  ‘Wow I just ruined that dinner…’ ‘We’ll take two tickets to My Fair Ruin…’ ‘Man I really enjoyed Ruin, Italy…’
  7. There was one statue of a man nobly stabbing another man through the skull with what looked like an ancient axe
  8. We walked around a lot and got lost several times. As B mentioned, we got faked out by a fake Colosseum and also by a fake Parthenon. The real Colosseum was crazy and made you wonder who would fare well there in today’s NBA.  Kobe, potentially. For all his faults, he rarely gives up.  Tim Duncan, no, too sarcastic.  The champion would be KG
  9. I can’t inoffensively describe the way the Italians speak.  It will sound like I’m stereotyping.  Please trust me when I say  that their normal inflection always sounds like tears are about to flow.  A passionate and vibrant people.
  10. The metro was beautifully unkempt.  Years worth of dirt buildup made me connect with this train in a way I never quite can with the elitist and impeccable Madrid Metro

'i'm here, man.'


One Response to “Ruin, Italy”

  1. Michelle said

    Sounds beautiful! I’ll have to put Italy on my “To Do” list!

    @eSkyGuide iPhone

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