January 23, 2011

A few spots around Madrid that I’d recommend.

Templo.  If you’re in to temples that are 2400 years old, this is your best bet.  3 stops off the metro and you’re there.  For Lost fans, it was like that Temple in Lost: out of place, intriguing, magic healing water, questionable relevance.

Cine Dore.  We went there with our students and Academy director recently.  Providence natives, think a more charming Avon cinema.  Chicagoans, think Music Box, but Spanish and with more leg room (although still not much).  There’s a fish market to the right of it, with fish hanging in the window that are arguably still alive.  Don’t let that deter you, adventurer.  This theater shows an wide range of great films.  They’re in the middle of a Woody Allen retrospective, and I think a Chaplin one is on the way. Bonus: it’s only 2.50 a ticket.

Museo Romantico.  This is a strange museum that allows you to get in the physical space of an upper middle-class 19th century Spanish resident.  Come for the paintings and stay for the gun of Spain’s most (in)famous romantic, Mariano Jose de Larra.  Mariano shot himself after a love affair went wrong.  When I first read the story, ‘dag’ was my immediate reaction.

Museo Sarolla.  This guy went off.  Another museum that gives you a feel for atmosphere.  They structure it like his actual house, and you can see the man’s incredible work.  Bonus: Not many people there and lots of opportunities to fist-pump unwilling participants.

Cafeteria near our crib.  Every place has tortilla de patata, but few places dress it up like this hole in the wall.  Their tortilla con queso transcends usual comfort food.  It becomes a work of art when combined with cafe con leche.  Bonus: one time we had it while watching ‘Homeward Bound’ dubbed in Spanish on the cafe’s television.  Double Bonus: The otherwise hard-nosed bartender was dying laughing at the last scene in Homeward Bound when the dog goes wild for the pepperoni pizza.

Mallorquina Bakery.  Yeah this place has the goods.  I guess it does, actually.  Haven’t had anything besides the napolitana con chocolate, which I’ve had 14 straight times.  It’s so perfect I can’t tempt trying anything else.   B goes off though.  She gets like 3 truffles with different colors and flavors and some other cookie or cracker like thing.

Reina Sofia.  Often ranked third of The Big Three of Madrid museums, this is my favorite by a mile.  Sculpture and space and one of the best elevators, if you’re into elevators.  Also, Guernica is there, and if you see that thing once, you feel awe at its power and a sense of connection to the city, the country, and Pablo himself.

Walking around. A city that offers lots and lots of things to see for free.  Best of all, of course, it the presence of the beautiful mayores, senior citizens exercising their right to vibrance..


3 Responses to “Madrid”

  1. Can’t stop laughing at the fist bump picture.

  2. Fetter’ll see for himself in like four weeks. “Dean” Fetter, I should say.

  3. Also, thanks for linking to your website. Forgot that you were at the PostgreSQL Conference in 2008.

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