Spanish Podcasts

January 27, 2011

Second of a 86-part installment on ways we’re learning Spanish.

My mom loves a lot of things.  The ocean, church, reading, helping people.  She really likes that movie Waking Ned Devine about those old Irish guys.  What might not fit in this profile of love is ‘Google,’ the search engine.   She really admires its speed and utility.  Respect you mom because I do too.

I was thinking one day, how can I listen to Spanish on the metro?  Then I remembered podcasts.  Podcasts- for the uninitiated- are when two people get inside a spaceship or a pod and record it.  You can even download them to your I-Pod (get it…?).

So I searched on my mom’s beloved site:


I clicked on the first link and got hooked up raw with one of the best websites on an internet full of really good websites: the website  It’s run by the outstanding Marina Diez and Ben Curtis.  Take a bow, guys:  you really provide a service for the Spanish language-learning community.

Marina and Ben are famous to many an extranjero.  They have hours and hours of free podcasts and video available on the site, with accompanying worksheets (if you want) for a reasonable price.  Benny is an English import, and speaks with Madrid native Marina about a range of topics. There’s material on the difference between por and para, climate change,  and even women in the age of Franco.

Interesting stuff.  Ben makes errors- many times with masculine/feminine, the subjunctive, etc.  Marina is there to gently nudge him in the right direction.  As the third party, you’re eavesdropping on conversations about relevant themes, all in conversational spanish.  Marina is a real delight, as it is akin to overhearing a native, only being able to rewind what that native says over and over and over.

I’m about to invest in the worksheets because B and I are really trying to make this happen, Spanish-wise.

Lastly, Dad, you should start a podcast.  It would be wild funny.  You’d get into it: the assassination of Lincoln, how to win friends and influence people, living in the Bronx.


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