January 29, 2011

The third part of an ongoing series on how we’re learning the language.

You pick up certain things while you’re watching programs in Spanish.

You tend to watch shows you would never otherwise.  For instance, there’s this show on Nick with one chubby high-school kid and his friend who’s not as chubby and thus more popular.   There’s a lot of physical comedy and overacting and plots ripped from Saved by the Bell.

In English, I would only watch it with my brother Dan, the connoisseur of bad films and television.

In Spanish, it’s a learning tool.   We watched five episodes over the course of three days in Cordoba.   The plot doesn’t necessarily advance as much as it dizzies itself, but we did learn a few expressions. ‘Es mejor que me vaya.’

There’s also a popular show called Glee.  For those who don’t know, it follows two teenagers from Chicago’s west side over a period of four years in their quest for glory on the court.  It’s difficult to watch at times.  They are gifted players- one preternaturally so- and their smooth and uninhibited play is tragically paralleled by brutal trauma in their private lives.   For anyone who wants a look at urban America- without the unforgivable moralizing of that Hillary Swank movie where she’s white and the students are black- watch Glee.

Just joking that’s Hoop Dreams.

Glee exists in an alternate universe where Justin Timberlake becomes a high school Spanish teacher and coaches the most gifted glee club ever.  Its cast is diverse in a way that appeases Huffington Post liberals, but subtly condescending in a way that upsets The Nation liberals.  The students can sing for real though.  I don’t think my dad watches it, but if he did: ‘Sue can you believe it? These kids have effin’ pipes.’

It’s pretty fun to watch in dubbed Spanish.  On good days, you understand fifteen percent of it.



One Response to “Glee”

  1. Momma said

    Sean it is so nice read such nice things you say about your family and your MOM, you are such a wonderful son and son in law..remember that… are quite special..and a blessing

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