Madrid Cave Bar

February 11, 2011

Not to front but it’s getting warmer out here.  Most days are turning jacket-free.  And it’s funny because a couple of months ago B said ‘get a jacket boy.’  I said ‘true it’s cold,’ and then bought one.  But now it’s like man maybe I should’ve just waited. Winter’s only two months here.

Taking the wait-and-see approach with a pair of shoes that have a few holes in them.  Sure it’s unprofessional when students can see your toes.  But I wear black socks to camouflage.  It’s fun and it’s like you’re in on a shoe secret.  ‘Shoe Secret,’ the movie, starring Eric Scott Geraghty.  Plus you’re saving that forty euro and then subsequently wasting it on coffee and tortilla.  It’s a win-lose-lose-lose situation.

Tonight we walked to a cave bar with our friends Ron and Hagrid.

It was hidden to make foreigners feel good about finding it.  You walk through a room of mirrors, down the steps, and to this place filled with young people drinking sangria.

There’s also a guy playing piano, passionately.

We had fun man.  There were quotes written on the wall in French and in Spanish.  One of them was ‘La felicidad está en la ignorancia de la verdad,’ kind of like ignorance is bliss.

Got me thinking.  Sometimes following the Celts is easier than following Mubarak developments in Egypt (congrats through Egyptians!).  Need to step up my citizenry.  But then you look at all the information and all the books and it’s overwhelming.  So you go back to or sewing or ‘The Fugitive’ clips on youtube.

Need to learn though.  Need to inform myself.  I once met Spike Lee at a book signing and he wrote, ‘Educate your mind.’


4 Responses to “Madrid Cave Bar”

  1. big bizzle said

    Thats so funny, spike told me when I met him, “Educate your eyebrows.” Then he said “You’ve never met spike lee.”

  2. Tricia said

    Hey Sean,

    It seems like you are really exploring the area! I’ll have to ask for your recommendations when we make it to Spain…someday. How are you doing with your Spanish? I am still plugging away at French, and my kids are almost fluent. (If you hear a whine in that statement, you’re not wrong!!) All in all, I can’t complain. We love it here!

    We are travelling across the pond this Sunday, and will be in RI for a week. A trip to your parents is definitely on the list!

    Take care, and keep working on that travel list!

  3. Nell said

    You have a friend named Hagrid. I stopped reading after that. I want to be you in my next life…

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