Travels in Basque Country

March 7, 2011

This past weekend we took a trip to Northern Spain with our friends Daniela and Juan. We stayed in Vitoria and drove to several medieval towns on Saturday and Sunday. We went to Laguardia, Alvala, Elciego, and two other places I can’t remember the names of. Elciego was special because there was a winery with a building by Frank Gehry. It was beautiful. I will put pictures on the blog once I buy new batteries for the camera (FYI, it is always better to purchase rechargeable batteries when moving abroad for a year).

The trip was filled with sight-seeing, eating, and Spanish practice. It was a dream. The towns were all surrounded by mountains that looked like the set of The Sound of Music. I kept signing “the hills are alive…” but I was on my own. Sean says he has never seen the movie and I am not sure it was shown in the past in Spain during Franco’s reign… Perhaps this is because Franco was a Nazi supporter. Anyway, it was gorgeous and the air was so fresh. It was also interesting to hear and see the Basque language. Street signs had strange words with lots of “x’s” and “z’s” . -bl



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