Friday Night Lights: Season 1, episode 1 Pilot

June 19, 2011

Strong opening shot- sunrise from a moving vehicle capturing Texas.  The feeling of the first show seems surprisingly consistent with later seasons. There are some minor differences though. Tammie,  Connie Britton, hasn’t quite mastered her southern drawl yet and the music is more poppy than emo.  My favorite characters made appearances: Grandma Saracen, Buddy Garrity, and Tammy Taylor… but so did my least favorites: Lyla Garrity, um I guess just Lyla. The episode has quite a bit of football footage (any is too much) but it was pretty powerful to see Jason Street sustain his character defining injury.  Favorite line: Grandma Saracen “Matt, you need a new friend” in regards to Landry.


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