Friday Night Lights: Season 1, Episode 3: Wind Sprints

June 19, 2011

This is when FNL starts to get good. The town of Dillon is whining about not getting their W’s and Tim is falling apart at the seams, harboring guilt over Jason’s injury. The Smash gives an accusatory interview, which causes Coach Taylor to lose it. The team members get a late-night call and get corralled onto a bus for practice? punishment? An iconic scene unfolds with the players running in the rain. I thought- why don’t the coaches have raincoats at least? But it’s Texas, and in Texas the men are men. The Coach confronts Tim about Jason’s injury- saying it wasn’t his fault and Tim’s facial expression is truly touching. Matt continues to be lovable. He has heard rumors about being replaced as the Qb1 by an evil looking kid (I think he is about 35 though) from New Orleans. The “kid” walks onto the field as the episode ends.


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