Friday Night Lights: Season 1, Episode 4: Who’s your Daddy?

June 19, 2011


Thread here seems to be how characters respond to adversity, with some mixed results.  On the one hand, we have the bad:  Coach not telling Tami about an overwhelming party she has to throw in an effort to avoid her scorn.  Lyla seeking comfort in the arms of Rigs.  Rigs not confronting his paralyzed best friend.  Saracen bashing the car of a rival with a baseball bat.

Then we have the good:  Tami, knowing that her husband dropped the ball, bails him out and throws one heck of a party. Street takes some ownership of his paralysis and fights back, eventually regaining use of his hands.  Saracen gets jumped but doesn’t name names.  Coach corrects himself and apologizes.

The characters who confronted pain in the short term turned out all right.  Those who didn’t, didn’t.


1.  Grandma Saracen’s battle with dementia leads her to take a bath in a neighbor’s place, triggering anger and confusion in young Matt.  Later, he gets jumped by eight boneheads and just takes the beating.  Old Matty feels abandoned and friend-less.  Like that old Dylan line, ‘everybody sees themselves, walking around with no one else.’

2.  Lyla has a voice that erodes credibility.  Impossible to take you serious when you sound like a passive-aggressive CCD teacher.

3.  Julie is more sincere here in season 1.  She reads books and cares about her mother’s feelings.  This changes.


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