Friday Night Lights: Season 1, episode 2: Eyes Wide Open

June 19, 2011


1.  Great scene with Coach trying to fix an air-conditioner.  The first of many where he’s aggressive with an appliance in the backyard.

2.  Grandma’s cake looked dumb good.

3.  I think Joe Pesci once said the first thing he focuses on with a new role is how his character walks.  It was fun watching how Tami (Connie Britton) chose to ‘walk’ with her character.  She keeps her face bright and her movements confident.  Coach (Kyle Chandler) keeps his face irritated and his movements slightly hunched.


There is more focus on religion here than in later seasons.  Coach prays privately and with his team.  Smash always praises God.   The scenes in church are as spirited as some of the football games.   The show doesn’t embrace religion as rigidly as some of its characters do, though.  In episode 2, we get our first man-of-science vs. man-of-faith debate.

Coach and Jason Street are both in the middle of crises.  They seek out their significant others (Tami and Lyla, respectively).   Lyla tells Street, ‘This will work out because we want it to in our hearts and because it’s the plan.’  Tami tells Coach, ‘This will work out because you’ve successfully overcome a similar problem in the past.’   That Tami’s advice turns out to be wiser is an early indicator of tone.  While themes like personal salvation are maturely woven into the series, the writers seem to value empirical data over egocentric ‘faith-i-ness.’


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